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Dead or Alive!? No, this post isn’t about that 80′s music band ‘Dead or Alive’ and their most popular ‘You Spin Me Round’. This post is about the ‘spin’ concerning the viability of Bank Branches, and how certain biased parties are conspiring in a well orchestrated attempt to convince Bankers that Bank Branches are relevant in today’s ever increasingly digital society.


These ‘buggy-whip evangelists in an age of self-driving cars’ conveniently ignore consumers’ explicit want for greater convenience of anytime, anywhere and anyway banking interaction. They conveniently ignore that hundreds of Banks and Credit Unions – as small as $109 million Credit Union to as large as $92 billion Bank – have proven conclusively that a Branchless Bank is not only feasible but highly viable. They conveniently ignore the likes of Simple, Moven, goBank, BlueBird, et al who are winning customer market share and wallet-share without the burden of a Branch network. They ignore the fact that these enlightened organizations have shifted value creation to their customer base, rather than continuing the tradition of lining the pockets of landlords, architects, builders, branch marketers, and others whose livelihood depends on status quo.


Recently, The Financial Brand, one of the leading financial marketing resources for Community and Regional Banks, stepped into the Bank Branch debate with 13 points that elude consideration in the Branch viability debate. As always, the post is well written, but the lack of factual narrative is highly disturbing. Many of the views in the post directly contradict today’s reality and are, by any factual measure, substantially off-target given the evolution of consumer preferences and the economic value drivers in Retail Banking.


The following is a brief point by point rebuttal to The Financial Brand‘s post on Bank Branches entitled “13 Points That Elude Consideration In The Branch Viability Debate“: 

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As Steve Jobs famously said "Some people say give customers what they want, but that's not my approach. My job is to figure out what they are going to want before they do." With the current disruption and banking options available, it has never been more crucial for banks to build positive personal relationships with their customers. One of the keys of keeping digital and mobile users happy and providing positive and helpful customer experiences is data analytics, which can tell a bank enough about a customer that they can anticipate their needs and wants at the different junctures of their lives. Today, Brett is speaking with Ido Ophir, VP of Product Management at Personetics and Kasey Byrne, SVP of Marketing at Cardlytics, about how companies can and should use data to enhance customer experiences and build great customer relationships.

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A pinch or maybe a pillar of skepticism is due any time a discipline or industry becomes white-hot. Remember the Internet boom of the 1990′s that was supposed to change everything?


Well, many things did change (think bookselling and electronics), but not right away. It takes at least a few years, and typically more than a decade, for reality to catch up with the hype.

A case in point: It has taken two decades since the launch of online banking transactions for these to exceed those conducted in-branch. Yes, banking is being transformed by the digital revolution, but when we look back from the vantage point of 2050, we’ll realize the transformation was just getting underway.


Wearable banking, anyone?

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Brett King, CEO/Founder of Moven, author of Bank 3.0, host of “Breaking Banks” podcast radio show on Voice America, and recipient of the Innovator of the Year award from American Banker magazine, joined us to talk about “smarter digital banking and big data.”
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Today there are a number of conflicting news angles on the Bitcoin phenomenon, and everyone is talking about it, but I think they are talking about the wrong thing. On one hand we see Wells Fargo coming out with tacit support for Bitcoin, on the other hand JP Morgan Chase is canning it.


We see news that theWorld’s first Bitcoin ATM ( has processed $1m in transactions around Bitcoin in December 2013. You have the NY Times proclaiming that “Bitcoin is Not Yet Ready For the Real World” (


However, despite all of this confusion the followers or supporters of Bitcoin are some of the most committed individuals you will ever meet, and they span the globe and the most diverse aggregate demographics, gender and technical competencies you’re likely to see in a group like this. They are online, empowered and passionate for Bitcoin’s success. The problem is that right now the data is telling us that they are focusing on the wrong problem. Significantly the conversation within many groups on Reddit, Facebook Twitter, etc about Bitcoin tends not to be as much about acceptance of the ‘currency’ in the retail commerce environment, as much as what value Bitcoin will reach and the argument of why you should be buying more. You don’t need to tell participants in these discussions to buy Bitcoin, almost all of them have — the issue is how to get the public to start using or demanding the use of it as a alternate currency that will push it beyond a niche asset class for speculative investment.

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